Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Laugh Lines

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The shortest distance between two points is a line, but when it comes to the lines on the face, the facial exercises foexercises for laugh linesr laugh lines are the shortest distance to a young, beautifully looking skin, not necessarily because of the time they take to pay results, but rather for the fact that they can be done easily at home without having to resort to costly surgery or Botox treatments.

Laugh lines, for the unknowing, are the creases near your mouth that start at the nose and go down towards the chin.

facial exercises for laugh lines


As we get older, muscles that are not used often atrophy. This includes the muscles in the face.

Although some people think that laugh lines, as well as other lines and signs of aging, add character, there are others to whom the following can benefit; that is correct, facial exercises for laugh lines can be done to firm and tone those muscles.

They will not prevent lines from appearing, but they can help diminish them. Like for any type of exercise, consistency is the key.


The first of our facial exercises for laugh lines is a resistance exercise, and requires you to take your index fingers and lay them on either side of your mouth, with the tip of each finger just barely touching the outer corners of your nose, and the middle knuckle should be near or at the corners of your mouth.

Press your fingers in hard and try to wrinkle your nose as if sniffing something, like a rabbit does. Make sure to not wrinkle up any other part of your face.

You should be pressing hard enough to prevent your nose from actually being able to wrinkle. Do this for a minimum of ten minutes. Once the lines are gone or diminished, continue this exercise daily for five minutes.

The next of our facial exercises for laugh lines may sound a bit silly, but, if you keep doing it, you will find that it really works.

Place your index fingers a few inches into your mouth, at the corners, but do not stretch.

Next, try to close your mouth and lips against the resistance your fingers are applying. You’ll be able to feel the muscles in your cheeks working.

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To make this exercise even better, slowly attempt to pull your fingers out of your mouth while you are closing your lips, but exert pressure with your cheeks and lips (no biting!) to try to prevent your fingers from slipping out.

The second exercise may take practice, but keep at it. A minimum of ten minutes per day should pay results in as little as a week, although the longer you do them, the better they work.

Just like doing sit-ups and push-ups, you are training your facial muscles and eliminating unsightly lines.

Maintaining muscle is easier than building muscle, so even if it seems silly or tiring, you’re doing something good for your muscles.

Once the desired muscles tone and elimination of laugh lines is achieved, you can easily maintain that muscle firmness by doing these facial exercises for laugh lines for only five minutes a day.

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