Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Sagging Jowls

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Facial Exercises for Jowls

Facial exercises for jowlsFacial exercises for jowls, that skin around your lower jaw and chin, are important to keep the face looking young and healthy this article shares some effective exercise methods to get rid of jowls.

Although some people go the supposedly easy route of cosmetic surgery by getting a face lift, there are simple, natural ways of making the jowls look great.

Due to age, genetics and commonly weight, the skin around the chin and jaw will droop and sag, but a few easy facial exercises for jowls can help to remedy gravity’s drag.

There are a couple of yoga-inspired exercises we will start with, such as the baby bird. If you have ever seen a nature show, with little baby birds cheeping, you’ve got the idea.

Tilting your head up to look at the ceiling, firmly press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth while you swallow.

face muscle exercises

Tilt to the right and swallow, then tilt to the left and swallow. Repeat this about four times.

Tilt to the right and swallow, then tilt to the left and swallow. Repeat this about four times. This exercise is intended to firm up the cheeks, chin, and neck muscles.

Another yoga inspired facial exercise for jowls is called yawn, and is rather simple.

Opening your mouth as wide as you can in a yawning motion and, slowly counting to 25 close your jaw while keeping the face tense. Do not let your molars touch, just keep the tension. Do this three times.

A third yoga exercise called the lion face may look bizarre, but helps to reduce sagging jowls.

Inhaling through your nose, scrunch up all your facial muscles like you ate something sour and make fists with your hands.

face exercises for jowls

Inhaling through your nose, Exhaling through your mouth, stick out your tongue and look up to the ceiling.

Exhaling through your mouth, stick out your tongue and look up to the ceiling while opening your fists. Do this three times as well.

There are other, non-yoga types of facial exercises for jowls as well that can help to firm up the skin. Like any exercise regimen, consistency is the key.

Three to five times a week should be suitable. Our first non-yoga exercise starts with a slight smile. Squeeze your lips together and flex the neck muscles; hold this for 5 seconds and repeat again for a full minute.

The second has you start by tilting your head back while sitting up straight and making a chewing motion. Do not force the lips together, but allow them to set naturally.

Chew twenty times and repeat. If you concentrate on the facial muscles while doing this, it may help.

exercises for jowls

Another exercise has you hang off the edge of the bed while lying on your back. While holding your neck taught, slowly bring your head to your chest and hold for ten seconds, and then slowly let your head fall back down.

Repeat five times.

Concentrate by flexing the chin and jaw muscles.

Our final exercise consists of holding your head forward with the lips together naturally, then jutting the chin out.

Lower your jaw slowly and hold for a count of ten, then slowly bring your jaw in and up, sort of in a circular motion.

Using these facial exercises for jowls, you can naturally improve the look and feel of your face without resorting to costly surgeries and spa treatments.

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