Simple Effective Exercises For Your Face

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Do Facial Exercises Work?

Do facial exercises workLooking in the mirror, you notice all sorts of things you do not like, so it is natural to wonder if there are any exercises for your face?

Believe it or not, yes, there are. Your face is like the cover of a book; everyone judges you by it.

Well, except for those people who judge you based on your shoes!

There are many factors, including the environment, genetics, stress and even exposure to sunlight that can cause the skin on your face to look saggy and make the lines stand out more.

There are several simple exercises for your face that work to help you tone and define the muscle structures underlying the skin.

So do facial exercises work?..Like any other exercises, they should be performed regularly, but not overdone.

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Areas such as your chin and jaw are just as important as your forehead and eyes, but tend to be overlooked, leaving you with unsightly sags.

Aside from the usual hydration, proper sleep, and a healthy diet, you can do some or all of these exercises for your face to help improve your skin and facial muscle tone and yes, facial exercises do work!

Exercise 1: Using a pinching motion, randomly (but gently) pinch different areas of your face for a minute or two. This is to help stimulate facial circulation, sort of like an alarm clock for your face.

Exercise 2: Think of babies, and how, when they are getting set to have a huge tantrum, they scrunch up their face. Do this, which tightens all the facial muscles, and hold it for a few seconds, at least 4, then slowly relax. Repeat another 2 to 4 times.

Exercise 3: Think of chewing something, be it gum, or food. Generally you chew only on one side. It is not something you do on purpose, but this time you will. “Chew” for about 30 seconds on one side, then do the same in the opposite direction this exercise helps to get rid of a double chin.

These first three exercises for your face are only the first step towards a more toned look. The first, as explained, is for circulation purposes.

The second one is designed to use muscles that are normally ignored, unless you have a habit of having tantrums.

The third exercise is for your chin and jaw.

Keep reading as we continue why  facial exercises do work..

Exercise 4: Using your tongue, make a brushing motion on your teeth. This increases saliva production (making for a healthier mouth while you are at it) but also works on those pesky chin and jaw muscles some more.

Exercise 5: Think like a dog and lick your nose! Well, as close to it as you can get, anyway. The goal is not to actually touch your nose with your tongue, but to stretch those chin muscles that tend to sag the most.

Exercise 6: This one is mostly a “cool-down” to your exercise regimen. Rub your hands briskly together and place them on your cheeks, breathing deeply and slowly. Repeat a few times.

Try some or all of these simple exercises for your face for a month and watch yourself in the mirror for some amazing results!

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